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Center of Gravity Pinewood Derby
Center of Gravity Stand
Our Price: 9.95


Quickly and easily find your car's center of gravity.
Pinewood Derby Axle Puller
Pinewood Derby Axle Puller
Our Price: 14.99


Great axle insertion and removal tool.
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Our Price: 16.95

TOP SELLER. Quick and easy paint fixture for your car.
Derby Monkey
Axle Lock Set Screw Kit
Our Price: 6.95


Lock your axles and protect your alignment.
Revell Pinewood Derby Carrying Case
Our Price: 7.99

Carry your car and supplies in style!
Wheel Gap and Clearance Gauge
Our Price: 2.49

Set the gap between the wheel and the car body
Pinewood Derby Axle Pliers
Pro Axle Pliers
Our Price: 24.95


For removing & adjusting axles
Revell Woodcarving Knife Set
Our Price: 27.99

Blades and Gouges can be used for a wide variety of projects.
Wheel Adjustment Tool
Our Price: 4.99

A must have tool for Pinewood Derby cars.
5 oz Test Weight
Certified 5 oz Test Weight
Our Price: 15.95


Test your Pinewood Derby scales
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