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Pinewood Derby Car Tools

Pinewood Derby car tools are a must-have whether you're working with a pre-made car kit or starting from scratch with a basic pinewood block, and as in any field where hand tools are used, quality counts. Here you'll find individual tools such as drill bits, carving saws and drum sanding heads for your Dremel tool. You can also opt to buy a complete Pinewood Derby tool kit that consists of the most often used tools in building and tuning Pinewood racers. Derby Monkey features Derby Worx Pinewood Derby Tools.

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Advanced Rail Riding & Wheel Canting Kit
Our Price: $109.95


Take your Car to the Limit!!!
Pro Axle Bender
Pro Axle Bender
Our Price: $89.95


Best Axle Bending Tool on the Market
Pro Body Jig
Pro Body Jig
Our Price: $42.95


Drill axle holes straight and parallel with each other.
Center of Gravity Pinewood Derby
Center of Gravity Stand
Our Price: $9.95


Quickly and easily find your car's center of gravity.
Derby Worx Pro Axle Guide
Pro Axle Guide
Our Price: $9.95


Precisely space the wheels from the body.
Derby Worx Pro Wheel Mandrel
Pro Wheel Mandrel
Our Price: $8.95


Accurately holds the wheel in the chuck of a drill.
Pinewood Derby Axle Puller
Pinewood Derby Axle Puller
Our Price: $14.99


Great axle insertion and removal tool.
Pro Body Tool II
Our Price: $11.95


For drilling perfect axle holes. Our Most popular tool.
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Our Price: $16.95

TOP SELLER. Quick and easy paint fixture for your car.
Pinewood Derby Scales
Pinewood Derby Scales
List Price: $29.95
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $19.95
Savings: $10.00


Perfect for weighing you car to within 0.001 oz.

A Pinewood Derby scale is helpful in reaching the max weight limit, since the rules require your car fit certain weight specifications. Other handy tools you may want to consider include a Pinewood Derby hub tool, an axle alignment tool, body slotters, axle pullers and a Pinewood Derby axle guide. While you may have certain tools needed already on hand, such as needle-nose pliers, many of these tools are specific to building a Pinewood Derby car. We've got the best for less!

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