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Pinewood Derby Custom Decals & Stickers

You basically have three ways to personalize the look of your Pinewood Derby racer: paints, add-on accessories and Pinewood Derby stickers or decals. Here on our Pinewood Derby Decals & Stickers pages you're given a huge selection of choices, including complete sets of dry transfer decals in dozens of styles, wet slide-and-stick Pinewood Derby custom decals, peel and stick decals and even little machines that let you create your own stickers.

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Batman Pinewood Derby Decals
Batman Pinewood Derby Decals - Peel & Stick
Our Price: $4.99


Peel & Stick Batman Decals
Scooby-Doo Pinewood Derby Decals
Scooby-Doo Pinewood Derby Decals - Peel & Stick
Our Price: $4.99

Peel & Stick Scooby-Doo Decals
Baja Champ Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Dune Buggy Parts
Drag Star Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Make a cool looking dragster
Phantom Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

The Phantom strikes again!
Street Rod Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Street rods are so cool!
Testors Custom Decal System
Testors Custom Decal System
Our Price: $10.99

Make your own Pinewood Derby decals
Xyron XRN250 Create-A-Sticker
Xyron XRN250 2.5" Create-A-Sticker
Our Price: $19.99

Create large stickers and skins for Pinewood Derby cars
Xyron XRN500 5" Create-A-Sticker
Xyron XRN500 5" Create-A-Sticker
Our Price: $27.99

Create stickers for multiple Pinewood Derby cars
Xyron XRN150 1.5" Refill
Xyron XRN150 1.5" Refill
Our Price: $4.99

Adhesive Refill

The Testors Decal System featured here allows you to make your own Pinewood Derby custom decals using your computer and inkjet printer. Another option is to use a Create A Sticker unit from Xyron, cut out a favorite picture from a magazine or comic book and turn it into a custom sticker for your car. All the necessary materials and refills are here for you to complete your car.

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