Pinewood Derby Lubricant

Since Pinewood Derby rules and regulations are set at the local level by the officials running the derby, it's always important to make sure that your car falls within those established rules. For Pinewood Derby lubricant specifications, some district or pack rules only allow the use of dry lubricants, in which case the best Pinewood Derby lubricant is often a graphite lubricant. XLR8 Ultra Graphite is a popular option here.

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Revell Pinewood Derby Graphite Powder hob-e-lube
Hob-E-Lube Graphite
Our Price: $4.29

Lubricant for Pinewood Derby cars. Pinecar graphite lubricant

Other top-rated dry Pinewood Derby lube includes DuPont Dry White Teflon. This is a fine, non-staining formula often used when local rules prohibit the use of graphite. The purpose of adding lubricant is to reduce friction and add speed. The axle lube kit featured here allows you to burnish your axles with graphite, filling any small scratches in the metal and leaving behind a thin, slick film. For ultimate speed, check out DuPont's pure Krytox®. If allowed by the local rules, this is the best lubricant available.