Extreme Pinewood DerbyThis category is for the super serious, highly competitive and far out extreme Pinewood Derby racer. These products are the best of the best. They are designed to get the absolute best Pinewood Derby speed times. They will produce wicked blazing speed!!!

Now... we cannot stress this enough... make sure that your local race rules allow you to use these products. Pinewood Derby rules differ from one pack to another. What is legal in one pack may not be legal in another.
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G-Force Pinewood Derby Car Enforcer Pinewood Derby Car Winning Pinewood Derby Car
G-Force Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95

Enforcer Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95
Derby Champ Express Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95

The FASTEST Pinewood Derby car kit on the market! Super Fast Pinewood Derby Car! Very Fast Pinewood Derby Car!
Fast Pinewood Derby Car Pre-Bent Pinewood Derby Axles Silver Bullet Premium Racing Graphite for Pinewood Derby Cars
Challenger Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95

Blazing Fast! Awesome Looks! Easy to Build and BSA Legal! Pre-Bent - Better axle to wheel fit - NO wheel wobble - Grooved With needle applicator for precision placement. Super Fast!
grooved pinewood derby axles Advanced Rail Riding & Wheel Canting Kit Pro Axle Bender
Pro Axle Bender
Our Price: $89.95

Better axle to wheel fit - NO wheel wobble - Grooved Take your Car to the Limit!!! Best Axle Bending Tool on the Market
Center of Gravity Pinewood Derby Pinewood Derby Wheels Pinewood Derby Wheels
Center of Gravity Stand
Our Price: $9.95

Pro Inertia Lite Racing Wheels
Our Price: $34.95

Quickly and easily find your car's center of gravity. FASTER - Only 1.8 grams with all BSA lettering.  Blazing FAST! FASTER - Only 1.8 grams with all BSA lettering.  Blazing FAST!
Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Kit Pro Super Stock Xtreme Wheels (SSX) G-Force Pinewood Derby Car Body
ProMax Axle Polishing Kit
Our Price: $19.95

G-Force Derby Car Body
Our Price: $9.95

THE BEST - Up to 60,000 grit Super light and super fast. Our fastest Pinewood Derby car body!
Monkey Slick Pinewood Derby Oil
Monkey Slick Racing Oil
Our Price: $10.95

100% pure racing oil. The best Pinewood Derby lubricant.