Zombie Chaser Pinewood Derby Kit

Zombie Pinewood Derby
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Price: $17.95
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Manufacturer: Derby Monkey
Weight: 0.50 lbs
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Zombie Chaser Pinewood Derby Kit

Zombie Pinewood Derby Car KitThe Zombie Chaser Truck is built with only one thing in mind… to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. This Pinewood Derby car kit includes everything you need to build this awesome hunter of the walking dead. From the 50 caliber machine gun on the back to the steel cage windshield on the front this machine is ready for some super fast zombie chasing action.

Zombie Chaser Pinewood Derby Kit Features:

• Pre-cut Truck Body: This BSA legal truck body is cut from a top grade pine block. It comes pre-shaped and ready for sanding and painting. The body comes with standard BSA Pinewood Derby axle slots. Best of all… its BSA legal.

• Zombie Chaser Decals: Add some awesome graphics to your new truck with the included Zombie Chaser decals. Use these decals or create your own unique design.

• Custom Plastic Parts: This kit comes with a plastic 50 cal machine gun, stack exhaust pipes and turret shields. Simply glue them in place and the Zombie Chaser is ready for some serious Zombie action.

• Metal Plate for Weight: This kit also comes with the correct amount of non toxic metal to get your new car up to its proper racing weight. The metal weight plate comes with screws so that you can easily attach it underneath the truck body.

• Precision Cut Axle Slots: The truck body comes with precision cut BSA Pinewood Derby axle slots that are square with the body and parallel to each other. This eliminates wheel binding and creates a much faster racer.

• Standard BSA Wheelbase: The axle slots on this truck body are cut at the standard BSA Pinewood Derby location to pass any rulebook. So, if your rules require that you use the original axle slots at the standard BSA wheelbase then this is the kit for you.

• Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles: This kit comes with Official Boy Scouts of Amrica Pinewood Derby wheels and axles making it legal for any race.

• Meets BSA Pinewood Derby Regulations: This truck meets all BSA Pinewood Derby dimensional and weight requirements. The BSA wheels and axles are all BSA Pinewood Derby approved products.

Zombie Chaser Pinewood Derby Kit Includes:

   • Pre-cut Truck Body
   • Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels
   • Official BSA Pinewood Derby Axles
   • Metal Plate for Weight
   • Zombie Chaser Decal Set (as shown)
   • 50 Cal Machine Gun
   • Stack Exhaust Pipes
   • Turret Shields
   • Instructions



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