Thanks so much... I am also a dad with a son in scouts. We bought a Wedgie body from you and we broke it (my fault, not yours) with 15 days to go till Derby. Ordered a new one and it arrived in time for us to get to work. We will let you know the results after the 29th of March here at Fort Riley KS. You have my personal endorsement as "Good People" which anyone near an Army Post will tell you is an honor. Continue the good service.

- SSG Chad M. Hamilton

Military Police Fort Riley KS.

March 2014

G-Force VictoryDear Derby Monkey,

My boy and I used your G Force kit this year with great success THANK YOU!

The parts we used Viper Stainless Steel 2-Groove Axles with the Pinewood Derby Wheels Mold Matched wheels. Polished axels to 12000 grit. Used just boy scout provided graphite. Weight was 4.95 oz. He came in at 2.51 sec average speed with best time of 2.49 Won the pack championship and now goes to districts.....

Best regards

- Jim and Justin Brown

Ramsey MN

February 2014

My son Dakota used your Inferno SX free template and won the Grand Champion regional race for Royal Ambassadors which is the Church group equivalent of Boy Scouts. He then went to the state competition and got second place. Thanks Derby Monkey.

- Victoria Walden
February 2014

Over the past few weeks,I have had the pleasure of working with Steve, Tammy and Lori, regarding pinewood derby materials. The customer service and level of professionalism that I have experienced is absolutely excellent. I will always look to Derby Monkey Garage exclusively, for all my Pinewood Derby needs.

- Mike Dawesy

February 2014

I just wanted to let you know that my son won his Pinewood Derby yesterday! 1st place out of 61 cars. He is 9 years old – he designed, cut, sanded, and, painted his car. I did the wheels and axles for him. We used the ProMax Axle Polishing Kit and the Speed Boost Wheel Bore Treatment Combo. We also used your pointer on using a ¾” center of gravity. This was the fastest car I’ve ever seen in 7 years of racing! No one has ever had sub 3 second times for all 8 races!! Thank you so much!

- Jason Klaassen

February 2014

Way to go...my son has never placed at any pinewood event for our pack and this year with your car (G-Force), he won the whole thing!! He was so excited and so were we! Thanks again for helping with a great race experience today.

- Steen Trawick

January 2014

Steve -

Thought you might like to hear: BOTH of my grandsons' derby cars won EVERY heat last night, so they each took their dens' first place. Then, for the whole pack championship, they won handily first & second place (within an inch of each other at the finish line) with nobody within a car-length behind them… all of the strategic axle, wheel, weight, & design strategies plus thorough lubrication with Monkey Dust, the boys had more than enough speed to prevail on every heat.

I'll bet they'll have even stronger cars to race next year. I may even put up an "outlaw" car for grins! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to aid and advise this proud granddad to guide my grandsons to a fun championship night at the Pinewood Derby!

- Raymond W.

January 2014

Boeing Pinewood DerbySteve, Here are pictures from our potato car racing event from mid December. We bought wheels from you...

my boyfriend devised a “platform of sorts”. We pre-placed the vegetables on the platforms and teams had to decorate the vegetables.

It was a lot of fun!!

Thanks again,

- Linda


January 2014

I bought your Mad Max derby kit, for my son's Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race in January. We built the car and race it, and went undefeated in all ten races he ran. He won a 1st place trophy and will be representing his Pack at District.


January 2014




MAY 2013

You did it once again! Our pinewood derby car from Derby Monkey Garage won 1st place two years in a row! Thank you Derby Monkey Garage!


Kim Gudde

April 2013

Fast Pinewood Derby CarI thought that I'd write to let you know that largely as a result of the great products and advice from Derby Monkey Garage, my son took 1st place in his Pinewood Derby this past week! Not only did he enjoy having a car with a really innovative, jaw-dropping design, but the experience of winning was really good for his confidence. We found that the materials in his car kit were of excellent quality, and we had a great time building his car together. We'll definitely be looking forward to returning to Derby Monkey Garage again next year when it's time to start working on his next car.

J. Pranzen

April 2013

Thanks for all your help!I bought the Batmobile kit # 4004 and did all the steps from polishing the axles and wheels, to weighting it just right with a good CoG. After testing yesterday at my local shop, the car is running a consistent 2.54 and in a fast lane 2.519 sec. I'm told by the shop that is really fast and I can't wait for the derby in 2 weeks.

Thank you Derby Monkey !

Feb 2013

"Hey thank you guys so much, my son won 1st place at his Pinewood derby last night out of over 100 kids. We were a consistant 3.5sec with a car we built from you. Closest car to us was 4.1 seconds!"

- Harry Demmon
January 2013

Your G-Force kit blew the doors off every other car at our pack derby. Our average time was 2.190. thnx

- jamestoddfendley

January 2013

Fist time I bought a Derby Monkey Car body I had 3 1st place finishes, and one 2nd place finish Was the Den winner, and made it to the Pack semi-finals.

Great time for me and my son,
Super Proud Dad

January 2013

Thanks Steve!

Because of your quick reply and you doing what you did, I added more to the order. Order number 11271 for $186.51. I am in sales and appreciate the responsiveness and you doing something to gain my business. My eight year old son has finished first in his Den, and second overall in the Pack of about 80, two years straight with us guessing how to do this. This year I wanted to give him all the bullets, up to him to get the gold. You and Derby Monkey stepped up and I will make sure I spread the word about your business to our entire Pack.

Best of luck to Derby Monkey and I wish you all a terrific and prosperous New Year!

Walt "Chip" Boettger

January 2013

Girls Pinewood DerbySteve,

I have another order on the wire for our cars and materials for this year's race. I don't think I relayed to you that we won the Pack Championship as well as 1st and 2nd in the Open Class with my girls cars. It was a clean sweep for the Williams Garage (and Derby Monkey). See attached pic for the family winners' circle and cars. Belle was a Pez dispenser top filled with tungsten weight.

I teach a class on building cars and send everyone to you for extra building gear. Our race has become very competitive with over 80 Scouts in our Pack now, and everyone wants to know how to get a leg up. I tell them you need the Derby Monkey in the garage with you.

This is my last Derby for a few years, as my oldest son is crossing over in Feb. My little guy will not be in Scouts for three long years. Sad.

Take care, my friend,

pinewood derby victoryDear Derby Monkey,

Just wanted to let you know that the car we bought from you, took 1st place in the derby last night. The car beat 99% of the other cars by at least a car length and a half. It also won most aerodynamic. The car blew away all the others and exceeded our expectations.

Thank you for providing a quality product.

Travis H. / Brenner H.

Your willingness to reach out to you customers to find solutions that we are both happy with will ensure I will stay a returning customer and give me good reason to refer my many friends as well. Thanks for you great service in dealing with this challenge.


Landry RobbinsThanks Derby Monkey!!!

The hi performance parts from the Derby Monkey website helped my son win his pack races and district derbies. He was also crowned Cub Grand Champion two years in a row.

Since he has been in scouts we have won a total of 9 district championships between his cars and my open class cars. We owe it all to Derby Monkey Garage. We thank you very much!!! Keep up the good work!!!

- - Proud Father


I just wanted to say that my son took 1st place in his pack race to day . It was a lot of fun to build one of your cars and we will be back next year.
Thank you
Rod and William

Mar 2012

We ordered our derby supplies from you a few months ago and we had excellent results. We won first place in our pack and hopefully we will do well at the district races in a month or so. We used a lot of different speed tricks to get a fast car, but I think the most important one was the weight distribution using the tungsten weights we purchased from you. We moved our axles out as far as the rules would allow and then placed 3 cylinders of the tungsten directly behind the rear axles (it was a tight fit) and 3 more directly in front of the rear axle. We used a wedge design body and the car topped out at 4.95oz, but I drilled a small hole directly in front of the weight so that I could add some tungsten putty to top off the wieght at an even 5oz. The COG on our car is about .875" in front of the rear axles. Our car ran great, winning all 9 of our races.

Duane F.

You may be glad to know that, thanks to your products, our son won his Wolf division, as well as the Grand Champion of the Upper Rio Grande Valley! Will send a pix! Thanks again!

Patty G.

I wanted to let you know my son won the race with your help! one of the axles that came with the car came a bt bent, but we still won the race. he even got the trac record at 2.362 seconds! he BLEW away the competition and his total cumlative time after all races was over .2 seconds faster than the second place car!

Dr. Charles S.

My son won 1st place in his derby today! Thank you so much for all your help and really making him happy.I will let you know how he does in districts.

Dennis K.

…btw: thanks to your weights and his determination he won the pack derby and finished 1st place in districts.

Eric S.

Hi Steve,

We were the ones who ordered the G force cars with the custom decals that you made. The cars turned out great! The boys really loved the designs. We had a cool digital time track this year. It was awesome.....calculated time to the 10,000th of a second. (with a digital scoreboard that averaged the three races - one on each lane--and then ordered the entrants by 1st, 2nd, 3rd.....etc.

The Ruff Ruffman won! And in second place came the Phineas and Ferb car! There were 27 entrants. (Last year, my boys won 1st and 2nd as well....but flipped slots this year. Last year we had the incinerator in 1st and the Firehouse in 2nd.) The year before, the car we made came in dead last. (wasn't one of yours)

Just thought you'd like to know! Thank you so much for all of your help. Also, the car painting stand was a great help.

Leslie G.


Jackson and "The Force" is the overall winner and had the fastest track time of 2.5032. Looks like you weren't kidding when you said it was a fast car!! Every dad in the place was asking to see the car and were asking me how I built it. I admitted to having some help from an outside source... that's all I felt I had to reveal.

Next year, I will definitely be calling you with a little more than two days left before I need the car. Also, I hope to do more of the work this time while still hoping you'll get me through the tough spots.

Brian C.


Quinn won 1st in Bears and 2nd in open this past Saturday. It looks like
he is going to district.

Thanks for your help…

Brad R.

Good Morning,
Just wanted to let you people know that the parts that we got from you turned my son's car into a 1 st. place winner . Not only did he take first place ,he set a new track record .Latter in the day the girl Scout had their event and to no surprise the winner was a girl who had won 3 years straight. There was a run off held between the 1 st. place Cub Scout and the 1st. place girl Scout , Best 2 out of 3 , with lane swaps . Well there was no need for a third race , and the girl and her now dejected grandfather had to concede..
Thanks for all of your help

Proud Dad
Cape Cod

...I have ordered a lot from you guys and never had a problem and I have been very happy with the products and service that I get. You guys are awesome and I know that you will take care of me. Thanks for everything!

Greg K.