Derby Worx Pinewood Derby Tools

Derby Worx Tools

Derby Worx fine tools for Pinewood Derby Cars
Building Pinewood Derby cars with your child is a fun and rewarding experience. We enjoy the racing and spirit of the competition at Derby Worx and strive to build tools to help all parent and child teams compete at the highest levels regardless of tools or experience.

Pro Axle Bender
Product ID : 2133
Best Axle Bending Tool on the Market
Pro Body Jig
Product ID : 2018
Drill axle holes straight and parallel with each other.
Pro Body Tool II
Product ID : 2019
For drilling perfect axle holes. Our Most popular tool.
Pro Wheel Mandrel
Product ID : 2020
Accurately holds the wheel in the chuck of a drill.
Pro Axle Press
Product ID : 2022
Axle straightening, rounding & head squaring.
Pro Hub Tool
Product ID : 2024
Improves the accuracy of wheel hubs.
Pro Outer Hub Shaver
Product ID : 2023
Corrects flaws in the outer wheel hub.
Pro Axle Guide
Product ID : 2026
Precisely space the wheels from the body.
Pro Bore Polisher and Polish
Product ID : 2017
Includes Tool, Polish and Pipe Cleaners.
Pro Rail Rider Tool
Product ID : 2025
The perfect rail riding alignment tool.
Pro Body Slotter
Product ID : 2033
Easily cut accurate axle slots
Ultimate Rail Rider Kit
Product ID : 2028
Rail Riders are faster cars.