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Precision Stock BSA Wheels Colored
Colored Pinewood Derby Wheels

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These wheels are exactly the same as our Derby Worx Precision Stock BSA Wheels except these come in three different colors. You can get these in Orange or Yellow. 4 wheels per set. Axles not included.

These Derby Worx Precision Stock Pinewood Derby Wheels are official BSA wheels that are precision machined on the outside and will meet any rule book. These wheels can be raced without any additional preparation. Set of four wheels.

Precision Stock Features:
Mold matched
Only 2.5 grams
Wheel bores reamed perfectly round and smooth
Inner and outer hub faces squared
Wheel tread is CNC lathed with True Track Tread
Machined perfectly round
Tread surface machined perfectly flat
Maintains the look of a stock BSA wheel
The weight of the wheel is reduced 2.5 grams each
Official BSA lettering is still visible… Perfectly legal
The inside wheel hub is lightly beveled (coned) to reduce contact with the car body

What does this do for your car?
Round and smooth wheels roll much faster than standard wheels
Weight reduction provides a faster start because of low start up inertia
Weight reduction improves the balance of the wheel for a stable and faster ride
Beveled hub reduces the rubbing and braking when the wheel hub contacts the car body
These wheels will make your car faster

The Derby Worx Facts!

All Derby Worx wheels and axles sold by Derby Monkey are enhanced on Haas CNC Lathes that only do Pinewood Derby wheels and axles. No cheep hobby lathes are ever used!
Derby Worx has exclusive tooling custom made under contract for Derby Worx.
Derby Worx builds all of their custom fixturing in house.
Derby Worx nor Derby Monkey charge extra for the coning or hub work like many of our competitors.
Derby Worx only uses BSA Pinewood Derby wheels made in the USA. This means better quality!
Derby Worx sorts every batch of wheels and hand selects the best wheels from the best molds (mold matched). Over 25% of the wheels are scrapped in favor of only the absolute very best wheels. This means better quality wheels for you!
Derby Worx wheels are RACE READY right out of the package!

Note: Lighter wheels are only one of many factors that make a fast car. Light wheels alone may not improve your speeds. In addition to light wheels you must also have adequate lubrication, alignment and weight placement.

These wheels are totally legal for most Pinewood Derby rules. Please check your local rules to see what wheels are permitted.

Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheel Comparison

wheel chart

At only 1.0 grams the Pro Ultra Lite Wheels are the fastest BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels on the market. The next fastest are the Pro Inertia Lite Wheels at only 1.8 grams. The Pro Inertia Lite Wheels leaves the BSA writing on the inside making them legal for most BSA Pinewood Derby rules. Check your local rules to see what wheel modifications are permitted.

DWXPS01 - UPC 13964678109

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