What is our fastest Pinewood Derby car?

We get this question a lot.

This requires a multi-part answer because different factors and situations are in play here. There are also different classes of Pinewood Derby type cars. The absolute fastest car kit may or may not be legal for your particular BSA Pinewood Derby race. There are no standardized rules for BSA Pinewood Derby races. Cub Scout Pinewood Derby rules vary from one pack to another. What is legal in one pack may not be allowed in another. It is very important that you carefully check your rules to determine what type of car kits, components and modifications are allowed for your derby.

So, we must identify three different cars… our fastst car kit, our fastst BSA legal car kit and our fastest restricted rules BSA legal car kit.

fastest pinewood derby car ABSOLUTE FASTEST: The DERBY XTREME is the absolute fastest pine derby car kit available anywhere on earth. BANNED by most BSA Pinewood Derby Races… this car completely destroys all competition. This car is an OUTLAW that shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.
G-Force Pinewood Derby Car FASTEST BSA PINEWOOD DERBY LEGAL: The G-FORCE is the absolute FASTEST BSA LEGAL Pinewood Derby car kit on the market today. This car has won hundreds of pack and district derbies. Loaded with tungsten and an aggressive center of gravity makes this car hard to beat. This car has an extended wheelbase so make sure you local rules allow that.
Atomic Wedgie Pinewood Derby Car FASTEST RESTRICTED RULES BSA PINEWOOD DERBY LEGAL: The ATOMIC WEDGIE is the FASTEST car for a BSA Pinewood Derby race that is governed by very restrictive rules. This car has the standard BSA Pinewood Derby wheelbase with standard BSA axle slots.

NOTE: Ultimately, the total speed of any car will largely depend on the builder. Alignment, lubrication and axle preparation are all things the builder must perform in order for any of these cars to reach their full potential speed. The instructions that come with these kits explain everything you need to do to get the most out of these cars. With all things being equal these cars are the fastest in their classes.