Getting Started in Pinewood Derby
Pinewood Derby Book

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Getting Started in Pinewood Derby: Step-by-Step Workbook to Building Your First Car

The annual Pinewood Derby attracts over a million participants nation-wide. The pinewood derby is intended to be a fun activity that promotes creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and healthy competition. (The key word here is “healthy”...) And, as a Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, or Grandparent, It’s also a chance to build memories of time spent with your son, nephew, and grandson as the two of you build a car together.

Unfortunately, the pinewood derby, fueled by busy schedules, competitive parents, and social pressures, has morphed from innocent fun and a valuable teaching moment into a multi-million dollar industry of tools, gadgets, and tricks that ignore the true benefits of the activity in favor of one thing: winning. It’s no wonder that participants can be a bit anxious the first-time around.

Getting Started in the Pinewood Derby will take the fear out of participating in an inaugural pinewood derby race — especially if you have no woodworking skills. Unlike any other pinewood book, it’s not about building the most spectacular car, or winning the race; it’s about spending time with a child building something together. It’s about planning the activity so you both have some fun, a few laughs, learn a thing or two about friction and gravity, and walk away with a car you can both be proud of...even if it isn’t perfect.

Great to use along with the Pinewood Derby Workbook & Logbook

Getting Started in the Pinewood Derby will eliminate any anxiety...

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Tools
Chapter 3: Building Your Car Body
Chapter 4: Weighting Your Car
Chapter 5: Painting and Finishing
Chapter 6: Wheel and Axel Prep
Chapter 7: Attaching the Wheels and Race Prep
Chapter 8: More Projects
Chapter 9: Patterns

Pub. Date: November 2011
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Incorporated
Format: Paperback , 96pp

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