Pinewood Derby FAQs

Q: This is my first Pinewood Derby…Where do I start?
A:  You are not alone and we are here to help. We have a complete page dedicated to first time Pinewood Derby car builders...
Click Here

Q: Do you offer overnight shipping of your Pinewood Derby products?
A: Absolutely. Orders placed by 1:00pm CST are eligible for UPS Next Day or 2nd Day Air.  For our shipping policies… Click Here

Q: Wow… I've never seen this may derby parts on one site.  Do you guys really keep this much in stock?
A: Yes. The Derby Monkey website has more than 500 Pinewood Derby items including car kits, parts, tools and supplies. We have the largest selection of Pinewood Derby products anywhere. We have a warehouse where we maintain a huge stock of all our Pinewood Derby products.  Of course, we may sometimes but rarely be out of stock of a particular backordered product.

Q: Do you give pinewood derby speed tips and advice?
A: Absolutely. See our FREE Pinewood Derby Speed Tips HERE. The Derby Monkey will also be happy to answer any questions that you have.  Just
contact us. Our Fast Pinewood Derby Tips blog is full of useful info so you might want to check it out too.

Q: What is your fastest car kit?
A: All of our Xtreme Speed Series kits are very fast and will likely win your derby. However, the G-FORCE is no doubt the FASTEST pre-cut BSA legal Pinewood Derby car kit on the market today. It has won hundreds of pack races and district derbies. Get the complete kit and build a winning car...

Q:  What is your shipping policy?
A:  To view our complete shipping policy…
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Q: Can I use the Derby Monkey precut kits instead of the block from the BSA Pinewood Derby kit?
A: Usually yes. It all depends on the rules of your local pinewood derby event. Some rules allow it while others stipulate that the car must be constructed from the Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit. However, many kit cars are raced without the knowledge of the race officials.

Q: Can I use the Derby Worx wheels and axles instead of those from the BSA kit?
A: Usually yes. Again it all depends on the rules of your local derby. Some rules allow it while others do not.  Some rules allow a certain amount of wheel and axle modification/preparation and the limitations are usually explained in the rules. Remember, the lighter wheels are the fastest.  Feel free to email or fax us your rules and we will help you select the fastest and most legal wheels and axles for your car.

Q: My front pinewood derby wheels extend beyond the front of my car. Is this permitted?
A: Usually not, when at the starting gate, the wheels would extend past the starting pin.

Q:  Is a rail rider car really faster than a car with standard alignment?
A: Absolutley. Professional Pinewood Derby car builders agree that controlled rail riding will produce a much faster car.  Yes, that’s right; if your car consistently rubs against the rail all the way down the track it will be faster. It is nearly impossible to have a track that will allow a perfectly aligned car to run straight and not hit the rail. Invariably, any car will drift into the rail causing it to bounce back toward the other side.  This generates a side to side movement, causing the car to repeatedly slam into the rail.  This is actually the number 1 enemy of a speedster. Therefore, knowing that you will certainly be hitting the rail (evidenced by almost every video of a fast car that you study in slow motion) you should bias the car to gently ride the rail on the front dominant wheel side.

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