Pinewood Derby Supplies

Pinewood Derby Guide Pegs, Axle Lock Kit, Sanding Pads and Monkey Putty
Axle Lock Set Screw Kit
Product ID : 7077
Lock your axles and protect your alignment.
Pinecar Sanding Pads
Product ID : 6393
Two sanding pads for car bodies
Revell Sandpaper Grip Set
Product ID : 6392
Easier Sanding - Smoother Results!
Bodywork Sandpaper Assortment
Product ID : 7937
Six sheets of sandpaper for bodywork.
Extra Fine Bodywork Sandpaper
Product ID : 7936
Extra fine sandpaper for great looking paint jobs.
Pinecar Body Putty
Product ID : 9106
Wood filler for car bodies