Handy Tools for Building Your Pinewood Derby Car

Other Derby Tools
Pinewood Derby Specialty Tools for Car Fabrication, Maintenance and Alignment
Max-V Axle Pliers
Product ID : 2007
For removing & adjusting axles
Revell Axle Alignment Tool
Product ID : 2030
Drill Perfect Axle Holes
Revell Pinewood Derby Hub Tool
Product ID : 2029
Sand away friction for higher speeds!
Center of Gravity Stand
Product ID : 2006
Quickly and easily find your car's center of gravity.
Ultimate Rail Rider Kit
Product ID : 2028
Rail Riders are faster cars.
Pinewood Derby Scales
Hot Deal
Product ID : 7050
Perfect for weighing you car to within 0.005 oz.
Certified 5 oz Test Weight
Product ID : 9624
Test your Pinewood Derby scales
Pinewood Derby Axle Puller
Product ID : 2000
Great axle insertion and removal tool.
Wheel Gap and Clearance Gauge
Product ID : 2003
Set the gap between the wheel and the car body
Product is out of stock
Latina Digital Gauger
Product ID : 2010
Get accurate wheel and axle diameter measurements.
INCRA 6 inch Bend Rule
Product ID : 2004
The perfect tool for Pinewood Derby car layout.
INCRA Tiny T-Rule
Product ID : 2005
Another perfect tool for Pinewood Derby car layout.
L-Square Ruler
Product ID : 9636
Great tool for building a Pinewood Derby car
Revell Carving Set
Product ID : 9987
Perfect for carving Pinewood Derby bodies
Revell Woodcarving Knife Set
Product ID : 2032
Blades and Gouges can be used for a wide variety of projects.
Axle Lube Kit
Product ID : 7111
For graphite burnishing and coating Pinewood Derby axles.
Ratchet Bar Clamp
Product ID : 7120
Great tool for working with Pinewood Derby cars.
Wheel Adjustment Tool
Product ID : 6456
A must have tool for Pinewood Derby cars.