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Major Speed Factors:

1. Body Design
Weight Placement
3. Wheel Preparation
4. Axle Preparation
5. Lubrication/Friction
6. Alignment

Advanced Speed Techniques:

1. Rail Rider Alignment
2. Rear Wheel Canting
3. Advanced Friction Reduction

Advanced Wheel Bore Friction Reduction

This technique has been proven to place a super smooth surface on the inside of a Pinewood Derby wheel. You should begin these steps after you have performed any necessary work to the outside of the wheels such as truing the tread and circumference.

Tools and Supplies Needed: Drill, Derby Worx Pro Hub Polisher, Pipe Cleaners, Micro-Gloss Wheel Bore Polish, Micro-Finish Wheel Bore Polish, Derby Worx Pro Bore Wax, Q-Tips Cotton Swabs w/paper sticks


1. Make sure that the wheel bores are true and free of any debris. If you are using Derby Worx Aftermarket BSA Speed Wheels then the bores have been trued for you.

2. Using a pipe cleaner, Derby Worx Pro Hub Polisher and a drill, polish the inner wheel bore for 10 seconds using Mico-Gloss Wheel Bore Polish (this polish is actually Micro-Surface Finishing Products Micro-Gloss Liquid Abrasive, Type 1 Cleaner & Polish)

3. Using a fresh pipe cleaner, polish the inner wheel bore for 10 seconds using Mico-Finish Wheel Bore Polish (this polish is actually Micro-Surface Finishing Products Micro-Finish Polish) See: http://www.derbymonkeygarage.com/product-p/9105.htm

4. This step requires the use of the stick from a Q-Tips Cotton Swab. Make sure that the stick is made of paper and not plastic and that the shaft fits the BSA Pinewood Derby wheel bores very snugly. Cut the tips off of a swab. Make an angled cut so the stick will more easily insert into the wheel bore. Chuck the stick into a drill and coat with Derby Worx Pro Bore Wax. Insert the stick into the wheel bore and polish for 15 seconds.

5. Allow the wheel to dry for at least two hours.

6. Carefully remove any waxy residue from bore with a pipe cleaner. Just slightly insert the pipe cleaner and rotate around circumference. Do not move pipe cleaner back and forth.

7. If possible, inspect the wheel bore under lighted magnification. You should see a highly polished surface on the wheel bore.