Everyone at Derby Worx enjoy racing and the spirit of the competition. They strive to build Pinewood Derby tools and accessories to help all parent and child teams compete at the highest levels regardless of tools or experience. Derby Worx has developed some of the most innovated tools in the industry and continues to strive for excellence. Derby Monkey is proude to be an authorized Derby Worx Dealer.   Derby Worx... the name you can trust!.
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Advanced Rail Riding & Wheel Canting Kit Pro Axle Bender Derby Worx Pro Axle Guide
Pro Axle Bender
Our Price: $89.95

Pro Axle Guide
Our Price: $9.95

Take your Car to the Limit!!! Best Axle Bending Tool on the Market Precisely space the wheels from the body.
Derby Worx Pro Wheel Mandrel Pro Body Tool II Pro Axle Press
Pro Wheel Mandrel
Our Price: $8.95

Pro Body Tool II
Our Price: $11.95

Pro Axle Press
Our Price: $16.95

Accurately holds the wheel in the chuck of a drill. For drilling perfect axle holes. Our Most popular tool. Axle straightening, rounding & head squaring.
Derby Worx Pro Outer Hub Shaver Derby Worx Pro Hub Tool Pro Body Slotter for Pinewood Derby Cars
Pro Outer Hub Shaver
Our Price: $6.95

Pro Hub Tool
Our Price: $9.95

Pro Body Slotter
Our Price: $15.95

Corrects flaws in the outer wheel hub. Improves the accuracy of wheel hubs. Easily cut accurate axle slots