Pinewood Derby Design Plans

Here at Derby Monkey, our #1 goal is to help you build and race the fastest Pinewood Derby car possible! We know we can do this because we've helped many others do it in the past and we've been involved with this competition since we were kids ourselves. Even if you don't actually come in first, though, our Pinewood Derby design templates and plans will give you the best looking car in the derby. All you need to do is put them together according to the instructions, tweak them for maximum speed with minimal drag and then go for the gold!

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Speed to the finish line! Pinecar Batcar Kit This template helps you transform a block of wood into a sleek racer!
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This Hot Wings template helps you transform a block of wood into a sleek racer!

We offer many Pinewood Derby car designs and patterns such as Batman, Starfire, Thunderbolt and Screamin' Eagle. You can also make your own design beginning with the basic pinewood block, and then add one of our Pinewood Derby skins for a unique, personal design. Browse our selection of Pinewood Derby design templates guaranteed to complete the look of your derby car.