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BSA Pinewood Derby Complete Racer Car Kits

If you need Official Pinewood Derby Car Kits for the big race, you've come to the right place. Our championship winning selection includes super-fast precut derby cars that will blow the doors off of the competition. We've got dozens of awesome, fast pinewood racers. Choose the kit and options that are right for you and your rule set, whether you want an inexpensive basic kit where you'll do almost all the work or one of the very cool Pinewood Derby car kits where much has been done for you. Either way, you’ll be putting it together and fine-tuning its operation!

CUB SERIES CAR KITS: These car kits offer a sensible and affordable approach to building a Pinewood Derby car. They look great and are fun to build.

EXTREME SPEED SERIES CAR KITS: These car kits are designed with only one thing in mind ... sheer speed! These are advanced car kits created to blow the doors off of your competition.

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G-Force Pinewood Derby Car Enforcer Pinewood Derby Car Winning Pinewood Derby Car
G-Force Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95

Enforcer Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95
The FASTEST Pinewood Derby car kit on the market! Super Fast Pinewood Derby Car! Very Fast Pinewood Derby Car!
Fast Pinewood Derby Car Arrow Pinewood Derby Car Star Wars Pinewood Derby Car
Daytona Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95
Blazing Fast! Awesome Looks! Easy to Build and BSA Legal! Standard Wheelbase - Tungsten Cubes Standard Wheelbase - Tungsten Cubes
Monster Pinewood Derby Car Pinewood Derby Car Nuke Pinewood Derby Car Kit
Phantom Pinewood Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $29.95

Standard Wheelbase - Tungsten Cubes Uses a Tungsten Canopy for a futuristic look Standard Wheelbase - Tungsten Cylinders
Akela Racer Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Cub Derby Scout Pinewood Derby Car Kit Atomic Wedgie Pinewood Derby Car
Standard Wheelbase - Tungsten Cubes Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car kit. Low profile wedge shape with super speeds.
Fast Pinewood Derby Car X-31 Pinewood Derby Car Kit Heartbreaker Pinewood Derby Car Kit for Girls
Major Wedgie Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $16.95

X-31 Pinewood Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $16.95

Classic wedge shape with super speeds X-31 Speedster! Low profile wedge shape with super speeds.
Bigfoot Pinewood Derby Zombie Patrol Pinewood Derby Car Tank Pinewood Derby
Get ready for some Sasquatching Action! Get ready for some double tapping action! Get ready for some serious balltle action!
Army Tank Pinewood Derby Mad Max Pinewood Derby Car Spongebob Pinewood Derby Car
U.S. Army Tank Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $18.95

Mad Max Pinewood Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $17.95

Spongebob Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $16.95
Fighting to the finish! Thunderdome! Go Squarepants Go!!!
Sandy Cheeks Pinewood Derby Car Revell Mustang Pinewood Derby Car Kit Military Buggy Pinewood Derby Car Kit
Go Sandy Go!!! Super Cool 2015 Ford Mustang Great Army Car with Machine Gun!
Humvee Pinewood Derby coffin pinewood derby Can Am Pinewood Derby Kit
Boneyard Express Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $16.95

Humvee Pinewood Derby Car... Super Cool! Coffin Car with Skeleton Rider A complete racer kit: no woodworking skills and few tools needed.
monkey banana pinewood derby Official Pinewood Derby Car Kit Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wedge Kit
Go Bananas Derby Car Kit
Our Price: $16.95

Banana Car with Monkey Rider The Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit Officially Licensed BSA Wedge Kit

Boy Scout Pinewood Derby Kits - Fastest Cars & Coolest Designs

Pinewood Derby kits come in just about every type of model you can imagine. We also offer bulk purchase options for groups. Choose from a variety of BSA derby cars, including sports cars, hot rods, NASCAR and Star Wars. Show your personality! You can even select funny cars, cartoon cars, cop cars or superhero hot wheels. Whichever design you choose; we offer the fastest Pinewood Derby cars made anywhere. Besides fulfilling your need for speed, our Cub Series Kits represent a more traditional approach to Pinewood Derby car building and include some super-cool looking cars while the Xtreme Speed Series are fast kits with precision engineered racing machines and the fastest Pinewood Derby car kits available anywhere. The body style, center of gravity, aerodynamics and alignment are all optimized for total speed!

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