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Pinewood Derby Car Spray Paint

Our Pinewood Derby Car Paint & Supplies section has absolutely everything you need to give your racer a super cool paint job with a professional look. This selection includes Pinewood Derby spray paint in gloss enamel from Testors in a choice of 24 colors. Testors also offers Pinewood Derby enamel and acrylic paint that you apply by brush, special glossy enamel markers and hobby air brush setups that will let you paint your car just like real cars are painted in the shop. Air brushes will even work with kid-safe, water-based acrylics found here.

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Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Our Price: $16.95

TOP SELLER. Quick and easy paint fixture for your car.
Pinewood Derby Spray Paint
Testors One-Coat Lacquer Spray Paint
Our Price: $5.59

Testors One-Coat Lacquer Spray Paint for Pinewood Derby Cars
pinewood derby paint kit
Testors Gloss Enamel Paint Kit
Our Price: $12.15

6 Enamels, Thinner and 1 brush
Testors Model Master Masking Tape
Our Price: $7.75

Fore fine painting
Airbrush Propellant
Our Price: $14.99

For Use with all airbrushes
Derby Guys Pinewood Derby Paint Stand
Derby Guys Paint Stand
Our Price: $19.95

Quick and easy way to paint your derby car
Testors Amazing Air Airbrush
Testors Amazing Air Airbrush Set
Our Price: $26.95

Everything you need to start airbrushing derby cars
Testors Paint Markers
Testors Glossy Enamel Paint Markers
Our Price: $4.89

Easy to use.  10 glossy colors.
paint brush set
Testors Paint Brush Set
Our Price: $2.19

3 Brushes Various Sizes
Testors Enamel Thinner & Brush Cleaner
Our Price: $3.35

For Testors, Model Master & Floquil

Everything else needed to complete the job is also here. Get a Pinewood Derby car stand to hold your racer securely while you work on it and don't forget to get a couple of sanding pads for the finish work. If you're going with a military look, check out Revell's Deluxe Camouflage Paint Set.

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