Custom Pinewood Derby Car Parts

There's a lot going on during a Pinewood Derby competition, with each derby driver not only trying his best to win each of his races but to have a car that looks good doing it! While it's possible to field a speedy but plain-looking racer using just the most basic Pinewood Derby parts and few if any extra Pinewood Derby car accessories, most competitors will spend quite a bit of time working on their car's appearance with paint, decals and custom Pinewood Derby parts. We think the need for speed is most important if you want to stand a chance of winning but we want to help your entry to be awesome looking too!

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Pinewood Derby Car Lights
Pinewood Derby LED Car Lights
Our Price: $9.99

Cool looking lights for your car!
Eliminator Custom Parts
Our Price: $4.49


Build a super cool Pinewood Derby car.
Windshield Kit
Our Price: $3.99

Add a windshield to your Pinewood Derby car.
Pinewood Derby Car Driver
Our Price: $3.50

Racecar driver figure
Car Parts Accessory Pack A
Our Price: $3.49


The secret to great looks is all in the details!
Baja Champ Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Dune Buggy Parts
Drag Star Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Make a cool looking dragster
Street Rod Custom Parts & Decals
Our Price: $5.99

Street rods are so cool!
Pinewood Derby Axle Keepers
Pinewood Derby Axle Keepers
Our Price: $4.99


Keeps car wheels & axles aligned and secure.
Military Armaments
Our Price: $6.00

Great for a Military Vehicle or Tank

Some of the Pinewood Derby car parts you'll want to consider will be those others won't, like center rail guide fins or fender flares to decrease air turbulence around your wheels. For good looks, this page is full of options to dress up your speedster. Let your imagination be your guide!

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