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Pinewood Derby Supplies

Axles and wheels are incredibly important components of a winning derby racer and selecting the right Pinewood Derby wheel polishing supplies are critical to your success. Pinewood Derby axle polish is also an important ingredient to achieving top speeds and some of the best available is found here under the name Monkey Jam Axle Polish.

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Pinewood Derby Axle Polishing Kit Finish Line Axle Polishing Kit Basic Axle Polishing Kit
ProMax Axle Polishing Kit
Our Price: $19.95

Finish Line Axle Polishing Kit
Our Price: $14.95

Basic Axle Polishing Kit
Our Price: $7.95

THE BEST - Up to 60,000 grit VERY GOOD - Up to 8,000 grit GOOD - Up to 2,500 grit
Monkey Jam Premium Axle Polish Monkey Snot Wheel Bore Polish Big Fluffy Pipe Cleaners
Monkey Snot Wheel Bore Polish
Our Price: $4.29

Big Fluffy Pipe Cleaners
Our Price: $2.39

Premium Grade Axle Polish Reduce axle to wheel bore friction. Use to polish wheel bores.
Pinecar Sanding Pads 60 Second Self-Mix Epoxy Pinewood Derby Sandpaper
Pinecar Sanding Pads
Our Price: $3.29
Two sanding pads for car bodies Dries in 1 minute - Perfect for emergency race day repairs. Extra fine sandpaper for great looking paint jobs.
Bodywork Sandpaper Assortment Pinecar Body Putty
Pinecar Body Putty
Our Price: $3.79

Six sheets of sandpaper for bodywork. Wood filler for car bodies

Our Pinewood Derby supplies include many other options such as tuning sets, micro-gloss & micro-finish wheel bore polishes and Pinewood Derby polishing sheets. From Revell, a top name in plastic model-making kits, you'll also find Pinewood Derby glue and gap filler, as well as the Revell Tuning Kit that includes everything needed to tune your car's wheels and axles perfectly. This kit is officially licensed by the Boy Scouts of America. Other items include epoxy glues, axle-lock set screw kits, sandpaper assortments and pinewood body putty.