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Tungsten is the BEST Pinewood Derby car weight because it is the most dense (heaviest) material we sell.  Tungsten allows you to place more weight in a smaller area.  It also allows you to place most of the car's weight toward the rear of the car, shortening its centoer of gravity and making it faster.
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Tungsten Cubes
3/16" Tungsten Cubes
Our Price: 12.95


Small tungsten cubes for tight spots.
Tungsten Cylinders - 1/2 oz ea - 2 oz pkg
Our Price: 12.99


2 oz. - 4 cylinders
Tungsten Cylinders
Incremental Tungsten Cylinder Set
Our Price: 14.95


3/8" Cylinders in Incremental Lengths & Weight
Tungsten Cylinders
Tungsten Cylinders - 1/8oz each
Our Price: 6.95

Short cylinders for tight spots
Tungsten Skull Canopy
Tungsten Skull Canopy 3 oz
Our Price: 19.99


A great weight for a spooky look. Available in three different colors!
Tungsten Canopy 3.5 oz
Our Price: 19.95


A great weight for a futuristic look
Tungsten Canopy 2.5 oz
Our Price: 15.95

A great weight for a futuristic look
pinewood derby tungsten
Tungsten Triangle Canopy - 2.5 oz
Our Price: 16.95

A great weight for a futuristic look
Tungsten Putty
Tungsten Putty - 1 oz
Our Price: 5.95


Tungsten Putty is made from 100% pure Tungsten Powder.
Tungsten Granules - 1 oz
Our Price: 6.95

2mm diameter spherical granules
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