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Lead, Zinc & Steel Tungsten

Pinewood Derby Weights

When shopping for pinewood derby supplies and accessories, understand that weight choice and placement is crucial in building a winning Pinewood Derby car, and it is needed for both stability and speed. The closer you are to the legal weight limit and perfect center of gravity, the faster it will go, so be sure to select the right materials for your Cub Scout derby car parts. Derby Champ features the easiest to use weights from the highest quality materials.

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1/4" Tungsten Cubes Pinewood DerbyTungsten Cylinders Tungsten Cylinders - 1/2 oz ea - 2 oz pkg
1/4" Tungsten Cubes
Our Price: $19.95

Tungsten cubes very dense & very heavy. 4 oz. - 8 cylinders 2 oz. - 4 cylinders
Tungsten Cylinders Tungsten Cylinders Tungsten Cylinders
Tungsten Cylinders - 1/4oz each
Our Price: $12.95

3/8" Cylinders in Incremental Lengths & Weight Short cylinders for tight spots Short cylinders for tight spots
Tungsten Skull Canopy Tungsten Canopy 3.5 oz pinewood derby tungsten
Tungsten Skull Canopy 3 oz
Our Price: $19.99

Tungsten Canopy 3.5 oz
Our Price: $19.95

A great weight for a spooky look. Available in three different colors! A great weight for a futuristic look A great weight for a futuristic look
Tungsten Putty Tungsten Spheres - 1 oz 3/8" Lead Wire - 4 oz
Tungsten Putty - 1 oz
Our Price: $5.95

Tungsten Spheres - 1 oz
Our Price: $6.95
3/8" Lead Wire - 4 oz
Our Price: $3.95

Tungsten Putty is made from 100% pure Tungsten Powder. Tungsten spheres are 4mm in diameter Low cost weight for Pinewood Derby cars.
Zinc Tapered Weight - 2 oz pinewood derby car weight Zink Stick-On Designer Weight
Zinc Tapered Weight - 2 oz
Our Price: $3.89

Zinc Flat Bar Weight - 2 oz
Our Price: $3.99

Zinc tapered weights are non toxic and easy to install. Zinc Flat Bar weights are non toxic and easy to install. Easy to apply
Rocket Car Chassis Weight 4 Wheel Drive Chassis Weight Rear Wheel Drive Chassis Weight
Mounts under the car Mounts under the car Mounts under the car
Precision Bar Flexible Weight 3/8" Steel Cylinders - 2oz
Precision Bar Flexible Weight
Our Price: $5.49

3/8" Steel Cylinders - 2oz
Our Price: $2.50

Stick-On. Flexible, Cuttable, Sandable and Paintable 3/8" Unleaded Steel Cylinders

Pinewood Derby Lead Weights

Tungsten weights are said to be the best weight for a Pinewood Derby car. These weights are not actually lead, which is much of the reason they are the preferred type since the material is heavier, allowing small pieces that can be strategically placed to regulate the center of gravity. Tungsten weights are greater density than lead (1.7 times) and zinc (2.8 times), making it easier to concentrate your weights. Derby Champ features the highest quality sintered tungsten ranging in the 18.1 gram per cc range and polished for excellent fit and finish, allowing the builder the ability to put the most weight in the smallest area for the greatest potential energy. Our Derby car weights come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit any and all needs. You just drill the right sized hole and glue them in.

When deciding where to buy tungsten weights, remember we not only have the best selection but the best prices, too. Plus, our service is awesome. Pinewood Derby weights are one of the many items that have to be just right to make a winning car, and we've got the experience and winning history to help you get to the winner's circle. Pick the weights you prefer – cubes, cylinders, plates, putty, bars, discs or even weighted canopies.