Fast Pinewood Derby Wheels

Having the right wheels makes a huge difference to the speed of any Derby car and here at Derby Monkey we stock all the best Pinewood Derby wheels and axles out there. As you'll see from the official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels comparison chart at the bottom of the page, options run from the no prep stock wheels weighing in at 2.7 grams each all the way to the Derby Worx Pro Ultra Lite Pinewood Derby car wheels that weigh a mere one gram apiece.

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pinewood derby wheels
BSA Pro Speed Wheels
Our Price: $15.95


Machined flat tread. Legal for most races.
Pinewood Derby Wheels
Precision Stock BSA Wheels
Our Price: $24.95


FAST - BSA wheels machined for high speeds. Only 2.5 grams.
Pinewood Derby Wheels
Pro Inertia Lite BSA Wheels
Our Price: $34.95


FASTER - Only 1.8 grams with all BSA lettering.  Blazing FAST!
Ultra Lite Pinewood Derby Wheels
Pro Ultra Lite BSA Wheels
Our Price: $39.95


FASTEST Pinewood Derby wheels available! Weighs in at only 1.0 gram.
Pro H Cut BSA Wheels
Our Price: $19.95

Machined H cut creates fast wheels due to less wheel to track contact.
Official Pinewood Derby Wheels
Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles Black
Our Price: $2.99


Stock Pinewood Derby Wheels in all colors.
Pinewood Derby Wheels Mold Matched
Our Price: $8.95


NEW Style Mold Matched BSA Pinewood Derby wheels are fast.
Pro Razor Needle Wheels (RSN)
Our Price: $29.95

Razor wheels w/needle axles.  Free axles & drill bits. Black or white.
Pro Razor Wheels (RS)
Our Price: $27.95


Razor wheels with free axles. Available in black or white.
Pro Razor Xtreme Wheels(RSX)
Our Price: $39.95


The ultimate Pinewood Derby wheel.  Includes five free nickle plated axles.

Since local Derby rules vary according to location, it's a good idea to check the specific rules you'll be governed by. Generally speaking, the lighter weight the wheels, the better. For open competitions, where the same rules don't apply, even lighter weight Pinewood Derby wheels such as the 0.8g Pro Razor Xtreme wheels can be installed. If you're looking for fast Pinewood Derby wheels, look no further. We've got the best!

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