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Low Profile Block
Low Profile Block
Our Price: $2.99

For an extremely aerodynamic car more info
Pro Nickle Plated Axles
Pro Nickle Plated Axles
Our Price: $3.95


Nickle plated axles for optimum speed. more info
Derby Worx Pro Outer Hub Shaver
Pro Outer Hub Shaver
Our Price: $6.95


Corrects flaws in the outer wheel hub. more info
Pinewood Derby Axles
Pro BSA Speed Axles
Our Price: $8.95


Machined and polished BSA axles.  Very fast and totally legal. more info
Derby Worx Pro Wheel Mandrel
Pro Wheel Mandrel
Our Price: $8.95


Accurately holds the wheel in the chuck of a drill. more info
Derby Worx Pro Hub Tool
Pro Hub Tool
Our Price: $9.95


Improves the accuracy of wheel hubs. more info
Derby Worx Pro Axle Guide
Pro Axle Guide
Our Price: $9.95


Precisely space the wheels from the body. more info
Pro Body Tool II
Pro Body Tool II
Our Price: $11.95


For drilling perfect axle holes. Our Most popular tool. more info
Grooved Pinewood Derby Axles
Pro BSA 2 Groove Axles
Our Price: $13.95


Our best BSA axles more info
Pro Body Slotter for Pinewood Derby Cars
Pro Body Slotter
Our Price: $15.95


Easily cut accurate axle slots more info