Pinewood Derby Wheels

Pinewood Derby Wheels


Wondering which Pinewood Derby wheels are the best? Not all wheels are equal. for hi-performance wheels.

Pro Ultra Lite BSA Wheels
Product ID : 1999
Fastest Pinewood Derby wheels available! Weighs in at only 1.0 gram.
Pro Inertia Lite BSA Wheels
Product ID : 1995
Only 1.8 grams with all BSA lettering. Blazing FAST!
Precision Stock BSA Wheels
Product ID : 1965
BSA wheels machined for high speeds. Only 2.5 grams.
Pro Straight Cut BSA Wheels
Product ID : 1967
Machined flat tread. Legal for most races.
Pro H Cut BSA Wheels
Product ID : 1980
Machined H cut creates fast wheels due to less wheel to track contact.
Pinewood Derby Wheels Mold Matched
Product ID : 1975
NEW Style Mold Matched BSA Pinewood Derby wheels are fast.
Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles
Product ID : 1960
Stock Pinewood Derby Wheels in all colors.
Pro Super Stock Wheels (SS)
Product ID : 1982
Wicked fast stock size wheels. Free nickle plated axles. Black or white.
Pro Super Stock Xtreme Wheels (SSX)
Product ID : 1983
Super light and super fast.
Pro Super Stock Needle Wheels (SSN)
Product ID : 1981
Wheels w/needle axles. Free needle axles & drill bits. Black or white.
Pro Razor Wheels (RS)
Product ID : 1977
Razor wheels with free axles. Available in black or white.
Pro Razor Xtreme Wheels(RSX)
Product ID : 1978
The ultimate Pinewood Derby wheel. Includes five free nickle plated axles.
Pro Razor Needle Wheels (RSN)
Product ID : 1976
Razor wheels w/needle axles. Free axles & drill bits. Black or white.
Center Rail Guide Fin
Product ID : 7255
Front wheel replacement guide fin

Official BSA Wheel Comparison

wheel chart

At only 1.0 grams the Pro Ultra Lite Wheels are the fastest BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels on the market.  The next fastest are the Pro Inertia Lite Wheels at only 1.8 grams.  The Pro Inertia Lite Wheels leaves the BSA writing on the inside making them legal for most BSA Pinewood Derby rules.  Check your local rules to see what wheel modifications are permitted.