G-Force Pinewood Derby Car Kit

G-Force Pinewood Derby Car
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Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer: Derby Monkey
Weight: 0.30 lbs
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Fastest Pinewood Derby Car

best choiceRated “Best Choice″ for 2014.  For three years in a row this is our FASTEST  Pinewood Derby car and our #1 top selling Pinewood Derby car kit. The G-Force has won hundreds of pack and district derbies nation wide.

The G-FORCE was engineered with only one thing in mind… sheer speed. The body design, weight placement, center of gravity, alignment and aerodynamics are all optimized for top performance. Since we introduced it to our lineup this car has won literally hundreds of pack and district derbies. The G-FORCE is the fastest pre-cut Pinewood Derby car kit available.

Get the complete Easy-to-Build kit with the necessary components to build a precision engineered racing machine and blow the door off the competition (wheels and axles not included).

NOTICE:  The G-Force is legal for most BSA Pinewood Derby events. Please check your local pack Pinewood Derby rules to determine exactly what car kits, components and configurations are permitted.  For the G-Force, make sure your local pack rules allow you have drilled axle holes at the extended wheelbase location.

Fastest Pinewood DerbyThe G-FORCE Features

• Laser Pre-cut Body: This pine body is ready to sand, paint and apply decals. It has been precision cut with a CNC guided laser for perfect balance, symmetry and accuracy. 

• Extreme Aerodynamics: It has been scientifically proven that aerodynamics plays a huge role in the speed of a Pinewood Derby car.  This body is cut to only ¼” thick for extreme aerodynamics and greater speed.

• Optimized Center of Gravity: The body design, weight pockets and included tungsten cubes allow for a very aggressive center of gravity (COG) from ½” to ¾”.  The shorter the COG the faster any car will go.

• Tungsten Cubes for Weight: This kit comes with the precise amount of tungsten cubes to get this car to its ideal racing weight. Tungsten is the best material for weighting Pinewood Derby cars.  It is denser than lead, making it heavier, allowing you to pack more weight at the back of the car shortening its COG and making it faster.

• Precision Drilled Axle Holes: These axle holes are precision drilled on a machine jig to ensure that all four holes are perfectly straight, square to the body and parallel to each other.  This eliminates wheel binding and allows for a much faster car. (make sure you local Pinewood Derby rules allow you to have drilled axle holes instead of axle slots)

• Raised Left Front Axle: The left front axle hole is drilled slightly higher than the other three. Rolling on only three wheels decreases the start-up inertia required to get the car up to speed.  So, the car reaches its top speed sooner.

 Extended Wheelbase: The axle holes on this kit are drilled as far back/forward as possible to increase the distance between wheels without violating the maximum length rule. Extending the wheelbase increases the stability of the car thus decreasing wobble and increasing speed. (make sure your local Pinewood Derby rules allow you to have an extended wheelbase)

 G-FORCE Decal Set: This kit comes with the G-FORCE decal stripes and number set (as shown) for some super cool looking custom graphics. Use these included decals or create your own unique design.

• Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels & Axles (not included): This kit comes with the option to add stock or enhance Official BSA Pinewood Derby wheels and axles. For example: the Derby Worx Pro Ultra Lite BSA wheels are the fastest BSA Pinewood Derby wheels on the market.

• Meets BSA Pinewood Derby Regulations: This car meets all BSA Pinewood Derby dimensional and weight requirements. The optional BSA wheels and axles are all BSA Pinewood Derby approved products… its BSA legal (check your local rules to make sure an extended wheelbase and drilled axle holes are permitted).

Xtreme Speed Series

Basic G-FORCE Car Kit Includes:
   • Pre-cut Body
   • 4 oz Tungsten Cubes
   • G-FORCE Decals (as shown)
   • Instructions

NOTICE: This kit does NOT include wheels and axles.
CLICK HERE to select your desired BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels.
CLICK HERE to select your BSA Pinewood Derby Axles.


The G-FORCE is legal for most Pinewood Derby and other pinecar events.  Please check your local rules to determine exactly what cars, kits and components are legal for your particular race.

Ultimately, the total speed of this car will largely depend on the builder. Alignment, lubrication and axle preparation are things the builder must perform in order for this car to reach its full potential speed.  The instructions that come with the G-FORCE explain everything you need to do to get the most out of this car.

This car is legal for most Pinewood Derby races.  Please check your local scout rules to determine what kits, components and configurations are permitted because Pinewood Derby rules differ from one pack to another.


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District Champion
My son won district last year with the G-Force so we ordered another one this year. This car is awesom!
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